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Thursday, January 11, 2018

The New Kind of New Year's Resolution

January 1st. The day we all vow to workout daily, cook more meals at home, and read a new book every other week. It always starts out sounding pretty simple. But over the years I’ve learned that it’s not in the resolution making we struggle with, it’s the tremendous amount of pressure we put on ourselves to live up to these nearly impossible expectations of ourselves. I, like many of you, told myself I’d do something “fitness-y” every day this month. Well lucky me got a horrible fever and head cold on January 3rd. So, for an entire week I felt either too weak or just flat out exhausted to move much more than to school and home. Of course I beat myself up about because don’t we all have this zest to accomplish all our goals the first week of every new year? 

But this year my resolution is a little different and something that can be started today. Or tomorrow. Or even next week. 

I’m vowing, this year in 2018, to think of each new day as a fresh start to accomplishing any goal I set my mind to. Maybe it’s trying a new workout class or recipe or doing something kind for a neighbor. But instead of thinking I have ONE day to make all these resolutions and changes within myself, let’s together embrace the 365 days we are given each year. And I think accomplishing 365 goals instead of two or three is quite honestly something to be celebrated!